Stack-a-Lack, or: A new approach to an Ikea standing desk

Recently, I stumbled over a couple of posts that pointed out the benefits of a standing desk or a sit/stand workplace. As I had much work to do work to do in front of the computer in 2012, my body felt weak and from time to time, I even got back pain of my sitting position.

So I realized that giving this thing a try was exactly the right thing to do in this moment and started to look at some hacks via Google and over at Instructables. The research can be summarized in this great post from priceonomics,¬†except¬†that it’s missing a very cheap and probably the most popular version, the Lack table add-on from Colin Nederkoorn.

Basically, this lack table was my entry point into the world of standing desks, and during the first two days, I actually really liked it. But there were a number of flaws in this design: … 

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