The Art of Shaving – The power of Double-Edge blades

A couple of years ago,  I saw an interesting post on a deal site about shaving. Previously, I had only used Gillette/Schick/Wilkinson Razors with their extremely high cartridge prices of up to 2,50 € per blade, which I could not reuse due to my thick beard hair and sensitive skin. So my costs per shave were somewhere above 2,50€ (excluding shaving cream, aftershave etc.) – quite expensive.

That post I found promised me several things:

  • I would be able to slice down the cost of shaving to a one-digit cent amount.
  • I would get a better shave that would be less aggressive to my skin.
  • I would actually enjoy shaving.

A single blade can do everything better than a razor with four/five of them, does that sound to good to be true? I didn’t care. As I wasn’t satisfied with the current state, I had to try it.


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